Kid Ambassadors

Does your child want to be one of Alesia’s Kid Ambassadors?

The efforts undertaken by children to raise money for Alesia’s Magnolias is one of our greatest sources of pride. Their actions have inspired us to officially create a program to recognize these special kids and their contribution to our cause.

Even the littlest kids have the power to make big difference!

At this year’s event, all Kid Ambassadors will be invited on stage to present their projects and be congratulated for their efforts.

Here are some ideas to get your child started:

  • On his or her birthday, ask friends and family to make a donation to Alesia’s Fund in lieu of gifts.
  • Make and sell cookies or cupcakes to friends or classmates
  • Organize a car wash
  • Prepare a presentation about Alesia’s Magnolias and collect money in your class

If you have another idea to propose, please contact Sheyda to discuss! Please also note the following conditions:

  • We are open to proposals, but whatever you choose to do, it must be approved by us first.
  • The total amount raised must be communicated to us prior to April 14, and all funds raised must forwarded within 60 days of the event.
  • All publicity with the Alesia’s Magnolias name or logo must be submitted to us for approval before printing and distribution.
  • Promotional materials developed by Alesia Magnolias can be provided to approved projects upon request.