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2011 Tribute Video

Bill and Sheyda talk about Alesia, what Alesia's Magnolias means to them and their hopes for the future of this event. Also featured in this video is Dr. Adrian Dancea, Department Head of Cardiology at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

2012 Tribute Video

Bill and Sheyda share their most memorable moments from the first edition of Alesia's Magnolias and their goals for the 2nd edition. They also look back on the day they presented first cheque to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation for the purchase of pediatric heart monitor and the commitment the made to raise $400,000 for the Cardiology floor at the New Childrens Hospital.

2013 CTV Power Of One Interview

After the death of their two-year-old daughter, a family is raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital. Aphrodite Salas reports.

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